Friday 29 October 2021

Update October 21


In the last few months there has been steady progress in the kitchen of RU 1936.  The difficult job of getting the ceiling covered in stainless steel panelling has been completed.  This leaves some mouldings, sealing the joints, the capping of bulkhead edges, door surrounds and window flashings to do before fitting out can commence.

 View inside the kitchen

View from the other end.

Same view slightly lower

The steam heating on this coach has always been poor and another attempt has been made to get it working properley.  This meant taking it outside and placing it over the pit.

Pictured outside over the pit awaiting the steam loco to pressurise the system.

Some progress was made but once again the left hand main pipe had a leak and had to be removed.

During this last period a lot of attention has had to be given to providing another brake van to the p-way fleet.  LMS brake van 730214, out of use for a long time was brought into the shed for repairs.  Not a full scale restoration but enough to make it presentable and in a workable condition.

The roof had some patch repairs followed by a new felt cover.  As can be seen the end panels and vestibule floors were very rotten and had to be cut out.

A view of the other end with exactly the same problems.

Patch repairs to the bulkhead and window frames

Patch repairs to the guard's duckett.

The buffer spacer blocks which were rotten have been replaced with new.

New steps have been fitted

A new stove has been cast and awaits fitting in place.

Inside some patching repairs have been carried out followed by a coat of paint.

A view looking the other way