Friday 12 October 2018

Update 12.10.2018

Bogie work continues.

At the end of the last blog we had fitted the new horn guides to the bogie frame, which was still upside down.
Here is has been righted and dropped onto its wheel sets.

Springs and spring seats awaiting fitting.

A set of steel spring spacers have been made and painted.

A pair of dampers which have been refurbished by Sabre Rail.

 A set of bolster springs in place.

The bolster drop arm bushes and pins have been renewed.

progressing well.

We had an interruption in the form of a Royal Scotsman carriage which needed attention to one of its bolster springs.  To accommodate this we had to place the RU onto a pair of accommodation bogies and empty the shed.
The Royal Scotsman carriage on the jacks awaiting its lift.

Following the departure of the RS coach, attention was turned to a second bogie for the RU.  Here the bogie has been completely dismantled, it has had refurbished horn guides fitted and is awaiting needle gunning before being painted.

Three coats of paint later, red oxide primer, undercoat and black gloss it is looking better.

The bolster drop arms have been fitted with new bushes and pins.

A pair of wheel sets are being prepared, they have been needle gunned and painted with red oxide primer.  The bearings have been checked and re greased.

 The painting in progress outside on a good day.

The wheel sets finished awaiting fitting.

A series of pictures showing the lowering of the bogie frame onto its wheel sets.





This next series is the fitting of one of the sub frames.




The next move is to fit the brake linkage.

The two bogies.

That is as far as we can go with the bogies for now.  The next move with them will be to put them under the carriage.  This will provide the weight to allow the bottom bolster to be jacked up, squeezing the springs until the bottom bar, which holds the bolster together, can be fitted.

Inside some of the floor panels have had to be lifted again.  This is to gain access to the water tanks (the cylinders in the centre) which have to be removed for attention.

One of the tanks (there are two) has been supported on a lifting table.  It has had the mounting bolts removed, following which the carriage is being lifted up to allow the tank to be removed.

The tank has been pulled from underneath the coach using the trolley.  The corroded cladding will be removed and the tank will be cleaned out and checked over.

Inside the carriage the gas pipework and electrical conduit has been fitted.



Outside the generator and propane bottle cupboard has been fitted.

A close up of the gas fitting regulators for the generator.

The inverter / charger at the centre of the electrical system.

In the bar area some ceiling panels have been fitted to allow the roof curve to be marked onto a template.

A visit to Steven Brand's joinery workshop shows the new bar in progress.

The overhead glass rack in production.