Monday 24 August 2015

24.08.2015 update

17101 was brought out of the shed to be turned, this was because we need to change one of the bogies and needed the one to be replaced on the south end.  This event was also filmed by a BBC film crew.  Those of you that viewed "The Mountain" series about life in Aviemore during the winter, when they didn't mention us!  Well they are doing an Aviemore in the summer series which will feature us.  The main characters are Calum and Tommy who are billed as one of the youngest steam crews in the country.  However they stuck a microphone on me and pointed a camera my way, it will probably come out like gibberish.  Cringe time when broadcast.

A bit more of the corridor floor, out side of the Guards compartment has been taken up, chasing the rot.

The hole in the floor, which as usual is between the heavy outside rail structure and the first metal rib.  When it was cleaned up, the hole extended for around five feet in length.

The corridor floor on the outside of the compartments has been replaced, it is now awaiting the difficult bit of laying the lino covering.

The cross corridor has also been re-floored, this time utilising the old plywood taken from the walls.  An after thought was that perhaps it should have been the other way up and not varnish side up, time will tell.

At the luggage end of the vehicle the inside walls are being finished off.  Here the left hand wall has been rebuilt using new tongue and grooved boards.

Inside the Guards compartment, the walls have been cleaned down and are being repainted.

More progress on "Tommy's wagon" officially it is the weed killing wagon.  The head board has been fitted.

Another view of the head board from the inside, showing the steel lining.

Saturday 8 August 2015

Mark 2 BFK 17101 progress.

The luggage end of 17101 has now had its corridor connection fitted.  The rubber bellows on the outside of the connection have been renewed and fitted, as have the original inner rubber flaps.  The outside of both ends have now been completed and await rubbing down and painting.

One half of the rear folding doors, which has been fitted in place.

The vestibule step, this proved to be exceptionally difficult as the level of the main floor is slightly higher and required a taper piece to be fitted.

Another view of the vestibule step

Above the entrance the door guide had to be completely rebuilt, even the steel tray holding the wood had rotted through.  As can be seen in the picture only one small piece of wood making up the door track was able to be salvaged.

After one step forward it is two steps backwards as problems have been found in the cross corridor floor and door hinge pillars.  This has meant that more stripping had to be undertaken.
Here Bennie is working on the door pillars.

Also pictured below cleaning the floor panels of loose rust.  The floor consists of the steel corrugated panels seen in the picture, on top of this is placed 6mm thick plywood, a sheet of expanded foam which is topped with another sheet of 6mm ply.  This is held down by self tapping screws through the wood and foam, into the steel.  The problem is that the whole thing acts like a giant sponge, holding the water and causing rot.

The new panelling in the compartments has been receiving a number of coats of varnish.

Joyce seen here applying the varnish in another compartment.  A rare picture because when the camera comes out everyone disappears.

More varnish work, this time the capping strip above the compartment sliding door.

Light fittings have been cleaned and refitted.

In the toilet the plumbing has been completed.

The cross corridor floor awaiting patch repairs to the steel work.


The weed killing wagon

A computerised image of how the finished wagon will look.
One of the drop sides being constructed.

The hinge bands, strengthened and painted ready for fitting.

A completed drop side in position.

The drop side in its open position showing the steel inner lining.

All of the brake block drop links and block holders have been refurbished and refitted.

LMS 27234 Third Open built 1945

Work has started on stripping this vehicle, with all items of upholstery removed and sent to the upholsterer for repair.