Saturday 19 December 2015

17101's second day in sevice.

Short post to show mark 2 BFK 17101 in service.

The 14.00 departure on Sunday 13th December

The coach with its yet to be painted Guard's door.

Another view as the train passes the former Strathspey platform.

Monday 14 December 2015

11th December, the day before 17101's first run.

Well it wasn't quite finished but it has taken its place in the Santa set.  These pictures were taken on the morning of Friday 11th December, just prior to it being shunted out into the set.  I don't have any outside pictures yet for two reasons, one I was driving the shunt engine and two, it was snowing heavily.  The main outstanding tasks are the painting of the Guard's in-swinging doors, finishing the lining and the application of the number and lettering.

The exterior of the passenger end, shining in the flood lights.

Another view from the luggage van end.

Another view, this time the passenger end opposite corner.

A compartment finished.  The seat cushions have been re-upholstered as have the head rests, the seat backs are original.  The curtains, carpet ad tables are all new.

Another view.

Compartment 2.

Another view.

The toilet looking towards the wash hand basin.

The toilet looking from the window, in the other direction.

All four passenger doors were repaired and fitted with new interiors.

The corridor, completely re-floored and re-panelled.

Passenger end vestibule.

The passenger end of the corridor, external door showing its new interior.

Another view inside the toilet.

Monday 7 December 2015

The finishing post is in sight

The finishing line for mark 2 BFK 17101 is now in sight.  The deadline is actually Saturday 12th December when the vehicle must take its place in the Santa express service.  It has to do this because we have already sold tickets for it!

Just a little update to show the progress to date which has been delayed by the weather.

Painting is now underway, the roof has been completed in Steel grey and the ends of the coach are in the undercoat stage.

The sides of the coach have now been painted in the gloss topcoat and now await the lining out process.

The conditions outside were a little chilly to say the least.

Another view looking up the line.