Sunday 24 January 2016

The carriage shed is invaded by a steam engine.

Mark 1 TSO number 5057 was outshopped following its annual service session and clean up.

Before any more coaches could come into the shed we were invaded by a steam engine!  Well not so much invaded but with prior appointment.  Caledonian loco 828 has been suffering from a cracked horn guide on its centre driving axle.  This involved a lift to remove the axle which we decided could be done on the jacks in the carriage shed.

The engine positioned on the jacks.

Ready for lifting.

The leading driving axle is the first out.

Followed by the centre driving axle.

The centre axle boxes left behind on the floor.

Inspecting the cracked horn guide.

The leading axle being returned to its position, the plan being to lower it onto the front and rear axles in order for the engine to remain manouverable.

Another view.

828 being shunted out of the shed.

Propelling back into number 4 road of the engine shed.

Back to coaches next time.

Monday 18 January 2016

Service set maintenance begins with 5057

Bogie number 9 has had extensive work carried out on it prior to being fitted under mark 1 TSO number 5057.  The old axles had to be hydraulically pushed out of the horns, this was because the horns had been pushed out by a build up of rust behind them.  The horns were removed by grinding away the welds, cleaned up and then re-fitted.  This had to be done twice as the first time they weren't welded back square.
The first picture shows the replacement axle in place within the cleaned up horn guides.

A close up of the axle end and bearing.  All of the caps have been removed, the old grease cleaned out and generally cleaned up.  New cork gaskets have been used when the caps were replaced.

The reason for having to change the bogie is shown below.  These flats have been causing this bogie to thump its way down the track all season.

Flats, picture 2

And flats picture 3.

5057 has been lifted and the offending bogie removed.

Whilst the bogie is out, 5057 has been lowered onto a slave bogie for safety.  This also allows the vehicle to be worked on whist the bogie is out.

Bogie number 9 is being worked on at the other end of the shed, under the lifting gantry.

When the bogie is ready to go back under the coach, the coach is lifted and the slave bogie removed.  Here Richard, Bill and Jack manoeuvre the slave off the track to allow the bogie to pass.

Bogie number 9 is then pushed into position.

Positioning the bogie picture 2

Positioning the bogie picture 3

Positioning the bogie picture 4

The rear bogie, chocked in position with the dynamo belt removed.

This procedure was carried out six times before we got the ride height of the bogie correct.  The springs have shims at the top and bottom of varying sizes, these are added or taken away to raise or lower the ride height.  Its a frustrating task.

Above and below, the equalising beam spring removed to adjust the height.

Eventually we succeeded, here Steve finishes off with a coat of paint.

Very smart, the shock absorber will be painted blue and the bearing caps bright yellow.

At the other end bogie 30 is receiving the bearing grease treatment.

The wheel flats were thought to have been caused by a faulty brake cylinder which had seized momentarily.  Therefore both cylinders are being replaced with overhauled ones.  Here the lift table is in position  ready to lower the cylinder when released.

Another view of the lift table in position.

Bill with the lift table, Jack with the DA valve on the staging.

Cleaning the dirt off.  The door on the right of the picture is the faded paintwork as per when the vehicle came into the shed.  The panel on the left is the paintwork after cleaning up and polishing.  Its hard on the arms and a long way around the coach.

More equipment.  Two home made oil tanks for soaking the bearing pads in.

The battery bay, another area that could do with attention.

A rarity, Richard captured looking at the camera with Bill on the left

Monday 4 January 2016

Mark 2 BFK 17101 returns

Mark 2 BFK 17101 having completed its Santa stint returns to the shed to be completed.  Here it poses for pictures outside, during the shunt.

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

And finally back inside the shed.  In its eight days in service it has accrued various faults;
The toilet cistern refuses to refill.
An external door managed to have its handle removed.  This involves stripping the internal panels off again to replace.
A fuse blew on the first weekend resulting in the batteries becoming flat.  When recharged the lights would not switch off.  Still to be investigated.
A compartment door has developed "flats" in its running gear.

If only you could wrap them in cotton wool!

Other shed residents are;

The weed killing wagon on which the plastic water tank and pump have been positioned.  This is to measure for the wooden plinth on which these items will stand.

Two carriage axles which are being cleaned and painted.

The wheels are destined to be inserted into bogie number 9.  This bogie will then be positioned under mark 1 TSO number 5057 which has bad flats.

Moving axles around Strathspey style.  If anything needs to be moved in or out of the shed, anything like coach axles have to be pushed outside and usually down number 4 road which is the easiest.