Thursday 19 November 2015

Latest news

Its our Guards turn to provide us with extra work this time!  This is the result of dispatching the train without detaching the shore supply!  Don't you just love them!

Back to mark 2 number 17101.  This sequence shows the door repairs, the picture below shows that the fibre glass has been cut away and the rotten wood / metal inserts have been removed.

A new strip of metal has been inserted.

This shows the new piece of wood that has been inserted into the base.

These have then been bonded into place by the application of fibre glass matting and resin.

Another view

A view of the bottom of the door.

Below shows the repaired door, this has had the drop light window, its runners and lazy tongues fitted back in place.

The parcels area has been cleared out, it has been utilised as an additional workshop area.

Another view

After use as the workshop, the area has been emptied in readiness for painting.

Another view from the other direction.

Internally the lino has been laid (the red bits) and covered back over with ply and cardboard for protection.

In the compartments the seat frames / backs and headrests have been fitted.

At the end of the corridor the ceiling panels have been refitted.

Another view

A third view which includes the new toilet equipment access doors.

Another view of the doors.

In the corridor the side panelling has been replaced.

The dots on the pictures are dust particles in the air.  Below shows one of the main reasons, the rubbing down of the carriage for painting.

The producer of the dust, Steve

Another view showing the new door pillar insert which has been fitted.

Dusty bin unmasked

A parcel area door having its interior fitted.

The fuses for the heater fan have needed attention.  For a long time we haven't had enough of the fuse carriers, as we have never had all of our mark 2 coaches in service at the same time, it hasn't mattered.  We have just swapped the fuses about, this time we have had to do something about it.
These are the bases that we have removed.

These are going to be replaced with the cartridge fuses shown below.

To do this the panel had to be removed, studs had to be made and fitted to carry the fuses.

Another view

The studs in place with one of the fuses pushed on awaiting the nuts to secure it.

After the rubbing down had been completed, the coach was taken outside to be washed prior to painting.

Another view with Bill Johnson wielding the pressure jet.

Whilst the coach was outside, the big clean up inside.  A rare view of an empty carriage shed.