Wednesday 29 April 2015

35201 progress

Work progresses on 35201, this is the new side panel in place, corridor side, next to the Guards door.

The same panel from the inside showing the new frame work.

The same area after the internal panelling had been replaced.

The opposite end which has been given a coat of buttermilk paint to brighten the area up.

The floor has been completely recovered with new ply wood.

The same area from another angle.

Some of the new electrical work.  When the vehicle first came to us the electrical work was outdated and lacking various safety features, these have now been fitted.

Another electrical box.

The turbo on the Volvo Penta engine.  This has excessive end float and will be replaced soon.

Ruston PWM diesel following its repaint in the carriage shed, now evicted back to the engine shed.

The outside repaint has started, red oxide primer applied to various areas.

The Guards compartment has been cleaned and given a fresh coat of paint.

Another picture of the Guards compartment.

Saturday 11 April 2015

35201 is being a pain!

The first four coaches during a shunt.

The final coach is not playing ball however.  This area is the Guards in swinging door, it has a small panel next to it and then the original passenger door which had been fixed in the closed position.  The door pillars in this area were in very poor condition that we have decided to panel the area over, just leaving the Guards door.  This is the framing stage.

The floor is showing signs of a problem.

Another picture of this area.

The inside, considering that this rebuild to a courier van was done by British Rail, it has been very poorly carried out.  The batons across the former window area have just been wedged into the frame with no finesse whatsoever.

A number of the exterior doors are in poor condition, this is one from our stock cupboard and is still in corporate blue livery.

This area above the generator is needing attention, the heat on the hard board ceiling is causing problems.

This is where the fuel tank for the generator stood, on top of the generator.  It was full of sediment and needed cleaning, the decision was to remove it completely and fit a new tank under the vehicle.

On the bench, Jack is fitting a new skin to a door.

The other side is slightly better, here it has been rubbed down ready for painting.

At least something has been completed, this is the Guards door pillar on the other side.

A visitor to the carriage shed, Murray is painting his Ruston diesel PWM

The project to turn the former mermaid chassis into a weed killing wagon has seen some progress.  The chassis has been cleaned up and given a coat of paint.  Tommy has taken this on as his college project and to date the steel and wood to build the basis wagon has been ordered.