Sunday 14 February 2016

14.02.2016 servicing continues.

Work continues on mark 1 TSO 5060

The toilet end buck eye was found to have excessive play in the mounting pin so it was removed for attention.  Shown below is the drawbar with its new bush inserted.  The new pin is also in the picture.

The buck eye coupling with the lower bush having been pressed into place.  The top bush is in place ready to be pressed in.

The door that had the broken drop light caused a lot of problems, first the window channels didn't have any felt left in them.  This was solved by sourcing a window channel meant for classic cars, however it works well.  The other problem was the panelling was worn out, show below is the finisbed door with new panelling to the lower half.

Outside the door the corner panel that has recieved a tidy up.

Inside the heater covings have been removed for repair, a large number with broken hinges or fixings.

Bill extracting the rubbish from under the panel.

The rubbish bag showing just how much rubbish was removed from behind the coving.

The seats were also suffering  which Jack is dealing with.

Seat frames have also needed some repairs.

New sections of seat framing.

Overall view.

At the toilet vestibule end an aluminium panel replaces some damaged lino floor covering.

The outside is also having a clean up with T-cut and wax polish.

Ralph painting the heater covings prior to their replacement.

The next vehicle in for attention is mark 2 TSO 5149.  So far it has had the wheel bearing re-grease and new cork gasket replacement job carried out.

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Carriage servicing continues

BR mark 2 5228 is the next vehicle in for servicing.

The heating system motor housing is being checked.  The filter (slot on the left) is being cleaned, whilst the operation of the fan (right hand door) is checked for the correct speed.

The paintwork on all vehicles is being cleaned up.  The paint on 5228 has been cut back using a compound and then waxed.
Apologies for the quality of the next two pictures, taken by Steve.  They show Colin Frost and friends who came for the weekend to take the Christmas decorations down, after completing this they turned their hand to cleaning 5228.  Many thanks to them for their efforts.

The results of their efforts is a very shiny coach ready for another season.

This window had fogged and has been replaced.

 Just prior to being outshopped 5228 was found to have a faulty brake cylinder.  To allow this to be removed easily the coach was lifted slightly on the jacks to give a better clearance.

The linkage where the cylinder was removed from.

The faulty cylinder on the lift trolley

Another angle with the replacement cylinders lined up behind.

Looking very smart when finally outshopped.

The next in for treatment was BR mark 1 TSO 5060.  This coach is probably the worst of the service set, as far as the exterior paintwork is concerned.
This door pillar is looking very poor.

After treatment by Richard it is looking better in red oxide primer.  The hole near the top is a mystery, it is perfectly round, possibly drilled but for what purpose?  It has been dealt with by tapping a thread into it and a roofing bolt inserted.

The roof has been standing out like a sore thumb for some time so we are attempting to paint it.

Steve applying the paint.

Half way, this is the roof in its first coat

When measuring the buffer heights, the north end was found to be one and a half inches low.  The coach was turned to make bogie removal easier, however when lifted the bogie went up with the coach.  All fixings had been removed but it still would not separate until Bill swung on the steps and it came free with a loud bang as it returned to the rails.

The bogie about to be released.

Almost out.

Whilst the bogie is out we have decided to change one of the axles.  One had a tyre thickness of 38mm whilst the other had 34mm which is 1mm under the minimum thickness.  The replacement pictured here measures 37mm and whilst a better match is also within the minimum measurement.  Jack pictured is cleaning the old grease from the bearings.

The replacement axle.

Bill removing the horn plates.

The centre casting that stuck, presumed to have been greased in the past.  As these commonwealth bogies have Ferodo liners in the centre, only the pin should be greased.

5228 also had a suspect automatic brake adjuster, the faulty one has been removed and pictured here.

The slave bogie is in action again whilst the bogie receives attention.

Inside Joyce has been busy cleaning up the bulkhead panels.

 Whilst the axle is out, Bill is pictured here with the equalising beam spring removed to clean up and adjust the packing discs.

Chipping away at the rust on the base.

 The buckeye mounting pin has some wear and has been removed for attention.

 Richard planning to fabricate a filter housing.

Jack and Bill trying to work out how to renew the window felt on a door runner.