Wednesday 20 July 2016

The next project

Mark 1, RU, 1936, the next project.

Here 1936 is turned prior to placing into the carriage shed.  This is the continuation of a project started some time ago.  The coach was withdrawn owing to a rotten kitchen floor, this has been replaced previously, together with one door and two windows being plated over.  These can be seen in the picture.

Previously one end, including the corridor connection had been removed, repaired and replaced.  Here the saloon end vestibule has been removed.

Richard dismantling the facing plate, invariably the mounting bolts have to be drilled out.

The usual rotten steel work that is found under the corridor connection  loop, when the loop mounting wood is removed.

A side picture of the connection face plate, after the rubber and metal mounting hoop have been removed.

Another of the same.

A close up of the rotten steel work after the mounting wood has been removed.

This is the staff toilet cubicle, in which the floor has already been replaced.  This will become a storage cupboard fitted out with shelving.

A view to the right of the staff toilet showing the corridor.  Again the floor and hardwood supports have all been replaced.

Again moving right, this is where the staff cloakroom used to be.  It had to be removed in order to renew the floor in this area.  The window has been removed and the area plated over (red oxide painted area).  This is because the area will be divided with a new partition, giving an alcove in the kitchen area and a shelved cupboard where the cloak room used to be.

This is the view of the kitchen area.  The partition between the chef's area (foreground) and the pantry has been removed.  The floor has all been replaced completely.

Another view showing the kitchen ceiling.  This area will need the wiring for extractor fans and ceiling lights fitting before any more progress can be made.

The saloon being stripped out.

This is the right hand of the saloon vestibule end, it is having the internal panelling removed to accommodate external panel repairs.

Saloon internal panelling removal in progress.

Another view of internal panelling.

This is the kitchen end vestibule connection, which had been refurbished earlier.

Mark 1 brake 35069, now part of the dining set, pictured in number 6 road of the storage shed.

Back to 1936 and the saloon end left hand panelling cut away.

Another view from a slightly different angle.

The right hand side, marked out for cutting.

The last plywood floor panel, between the end and first top hat support has been removed to accommodate steelwork repairs.

Window curtain pelmets removed and sanded down.

Internal window surrounds, sanded down awaiting staining and varnish.

Bill turned his hand to providing more cupboard space by converting these s + t  location cabinets.

Back to 1936, here the saloon interior has been completely stripped.  The pipes down the middle are the steam heating pipes that fit along the sides.

Another view from the other direction.

The right hand saloon end panelling removed , showing the framework.

We hosted an on board wedding recently, here are a few pictures of the SO tables laid up for the occasion.

Picture 2

picture 3

Picture 4

picture 5