Friday 19 June 2015

Life after the dining set

What has been happening since we launched the dining set?  Well time flies when I look and find that its six weeks since the last post.  There has been a bit of leave, a large amount of paperwork and.....

Well the dining set isn't actually finished, its going to take a long time before all the bits and pieces are completed.  For now its proving to be very high maintenance, keeping it topped up with water uses up a large amount of time.  All food preparation and washing up is done on board so the water can be used anytime, not just when the set is out on the line.

Back in the shed.

First of all its the weed killing wagon project, known locally as Tommy's wagon.

The metal framework has been completed and painted with red oxide primer.

The wood for the floor, cut to length and placed on the wagon to dry out.

The metal frame of the head board awaiting the wood planking.

The frame from a different angle.

PWM 651

has been completed by Murray and out shopped from the paint shop (carriage shed)

More PWM, the cab side

and finally the rear view.

Mark 2 BFK No 17101

has returned to the shed to be completed.  pictured below, Jack working on the seat arm and headrests.

One of the armrests being separated from its metal bracket.  These will be sent away to the upholsterers to be recovered.  All of the seat cushions have already been recovered and are now stored away awaiting completion of the compartments.

The fibre glass dome from the luggage end under repair.

The plywood from above the seats has been replaced.

The new panelling around the windows is being stained and then will receive a coat of varnish.

We are also hosting Nathan and the second of the Black 5s cylinders.  This is having the end covers ground in prior to the whole casting being hydraulically tested.

Finally, Dave Grantham spent a couple of weeks with us.  One of the products of this is this pair of brand new door frames with new outer skins.