Monday 9 July 2018

update 09th July 2018

Apologies for the long delay in updating the blog, work, selling the house and holidays in that order have contributed to getting in the way.
Following on from the last post in which we were finishing off the winter servicing, we brought mark 1 RU, 1936 back into the shed to progress its overhaul.  It is pictured below in the far end of the shed.  In the foreground we have a B5 bogie which will be used under mark 2 BFK, 17101 which has wheel flats.  However both axles will have to be changed on this one first.

The spring / damper arrangement on a B5 bogie.

Removing the wheel set on a B5 is easier than on a commonwealth or an earlier B1 bogie.  Once the four bolts attaching the dampers have been removed, the bogie can be lifted off the axle.

The centre pot is a hydraulic damper which just pulls apart, the pot staying with the axle bearing housing.

The piston, seal and retaining spring all stay attached to the bogie frame.

Willie and Howard with one of the cleaned and painted replacement wheel sets.

In discussion?

Below, placing the seals on to the top hat sections.

Getting ready for re-assembly.

Spring felts and spacers being positioned.

The alternator end of the bogie with new V belts attached.

Another view showing the axle pulley for the alternator.

A replacement wheel set in position, this one still needs the bearing cover fitting and then re-greasing.

The bogie ready for fitting.

Mark 2 BFK, 17101 on the turntable after having the bogie change.

The end with the replacement bogie.

17101 on its way back to the carriage storage shed to be placed back into the service set.

Back on RU 1936, it has been lifted to remove the accommodation bogies and placed on stands.

The jacks are still in position to provide extra stabilisation.  Without the bogies in the way we can put the new gas, water and electric services in place under the floor.

Inside the kitchen area the wooden framing and battening to hold the panelling has been completed.

The former Chef's emergency door, now no longer needed and panelled over.

The back bar area panelled over ready to accept the bar shelving.

Extra battening in the roof over the bar.

In the corridor a window surround completed.

The corridor area.

A slight diversion in the form of the Officers saloon which needed repairs to a water leak in the toilet.

The saloon on its way back to the carriage shed, hauled by the class 31 on its way to collect the dining set for Sunday lunch.

More bogie work

This is one of the new bogies for RU 1936.  It is a commonwealth bogie which has been completely stripped down to its frame, shot blasted and painted.

At the moment it is up side down.

Whilst up side down the horn guides are being re-fitted.  These are two originals which have been removed, cleaned up, painted and re-fitted.

These are two new horn guides which we have manufactured ourselves.