Wednesday 12 August 2020

Up date, August 2020.

 There isn't a lot of news this time, mark 1 TSO, 5060, which had received its top coat of paint way back in March has been finished up to a point where it can be used.  The crest, lettering and its number will be applied later during the winter shut down.


In preparation for re-opening, all of our coaches were fitted with hand sanitizer gel holders.  These were placed at each end in the vestibules for passengers to use as they board.  The next stage will be to blend them in a bit by staining and apply signage above them.

We now have two more coaches on the railway.  These have come from Rogart where they were used as holiday accommodation camping coaches.

This one is BR 13470 Mk 2a Corridor First

and BR 13479 Mk 2b Corridor First


Wednesday 25 March 2020

Update 25.03.2020.

Well its been a while since the last post.  Last october we had mark 2 TSO, 5204 and mark 1 RU, 1936 in the shed receiving attention.
Here 5204 is having body work repairs, filling and rubbing down.

Mark 1 RU, 1936 had been painted with a coat of grey undercoat, small defects had then been filled, rubbed down and patch painted with red oxide primer.

Inside after the extra battens had been fitted into the kitchen roof, the hardboard panels were secured in place.

A start was made with the fitting of the stainless steel panelling along one wall of the kitchen.

The glass rack above the bar had electrical wire conduit fitted.  These carry the wires that connect to the above bar lights, protecting them from any damage which might be caused when placing items inside.

Small detail items have been completed, such as finishing mouldings around the emergency pull chain and the top of the bar back panel.

Mouldings around the emergency door, which still needs its top panel and curtain pelmets, have been fitted.

During a move to get the coach from the back of the shed to the front, 1936 is seen outside the shed, having been painted in the top coat.

Back inside the shed the lower lining out has been applied.

5204 is now at the back of the shed where the access platform allows work along the top of the coach.

More views of inside the RU kitchen, stainless panelling.

Kitchen roof view.

In January attention had to be switched to the servicing and repair of the running fleet.  Work on 5204 and 1936 had to be paused, here they are pictured on their way to the storage shed.

Another picture showing a closer view of the area where two windows and a door have been panelled over.

35069 inside the shed.

5057 inside the shed

The high winds in early January caused a few problems.  This picture of a pal van was taken on January 09th.  It was taken whilst standing at track level, through the door opening, the door having been blown off.  Looking at the sky, half of the roof having been blown off.

All coaches are being given a thorough wash and brush up, these being 5228 and 5149

One of the areas that we have struggled with is the cleaning of windows.  The windows having brake dust etc, ingrained on to them which normal cleaning would not remove.  This time we have used a cream type window cleaner, applied with a very fine wire wool, which has achieved very good results.  This is 5149 with sparkling windows.

There has been three brake cylinders that have had to be overhauled.  This is the one fitted to 5149.

And the one under 35069.

On 17101 a bodyside double glazed window had fogged and had to be changed.  Pictured when the old window had been removed, prior to the new one going in.

Not carriages this time but Ruston 48DS, "Queen Anne"  This engine will be coming into the carriage shed later for painting.

Mark 1 TSO, 5060 has been suffering from corrosion along the lower panel joint.  It was decided that it couldn't be left any longer and needed attention.  The old filler along the joint was removed, rust inhibitor applied, one area required a patch welding in, all then being re-filled and rubbed down.

5060 outside for washing down.

The p-way gang have been a great help in the cleaning and polishing of the carriages.  They have turned out every Wednesday for which we are very greatful.  The next two pictures have been "borrowed" from the p-way blog.

Giving RU 1928 the treatment.

4777 in the shed

Mark 1 RU, 1928 in the sunshine.

Mark 1 BSK, 35069 is upholstered in tartan, each of the four compartments having a different clan.  The seat cushions in the Mackenzie and the Black Watch had suffered tears in the upholstery and had to be re-covered.

Mark 1 Courier vehicle, 35201, which has been converted to a generator vehicle, in the shed for its tidy up.

4331 on its way back to the storage shed.  This picture shows the benefit of the carriage shed.  All of the crimson and cream coaches were painted over the winter of 2014 / 15, five years ago.  They still look as if they have just recently been painted.

5060 back in the shed, at this stage the undercoat has been applied.  The window frames have received the top coat.

Our final picture this time, 5060 has been fully painted in top coat of Edinburgh Madder red.