Monday 15 December 2014

Latest News

Latest News, well its difficult to create a lot of news out of rubbing down and painting a coach, it just repeats what we have already carried out with 4777.  I am pleased to report however that 4477 progresses well, the cream finish has been applied, the next is the crimson undercoat.  The coach is pictured below.

 TSO Kitchen car 4331, remember the vestibule floor picture, the entrance step that needed attention which is pictured again below.

Well this has now been attended to, the new floor has been fitted and is pictured below.

The lino was then laid, covered by plywood, to which a number of brake blocks have been placed on the top to ensure it sticks down properly.

A few days later the ply and blocks have been removed, revealing the new lino covering.  This lino has a non slip covering as the staff will; be passing to and fro with all sorts of pots or crockery.

Richard has carried out a repair to the door frame and panelling.

Another view of the repaired door entrance step.

The centre door replacement has also progressed well, here the hinge pillar insert has been fitted.

The door internals have been fitted.

The door from the outside.

Some of the internal panels have now been fitted.