Saturday 8 July 2017

Update 08th July 2017

Steady progress has been made on RU 1936.
Willie Dodds seen here working on one of the kitchen sliding doors.

This is the kitchen end buck-eye coupling.  It has been completely dismantled, cleaned and rebuilt using a new mounting pin and bushes.

A view of the former staff cloakroom, re-panelled, fitted with shelving and painted out.

A view to the left showing the new bulkhead where the former lockers were positioned.

Inside the kitchen further metal work was required.  This shows new "Z" framing and side panel patches in place.

The side corridor along the kitchen, almost complete with new, black painted mouldings over the panel joints.

The saloon end buck-eye has received the same treatment as the other end, this time with a new draw bar.

Underneath, the commonwealth type centre castings have been fitted into place with temporary bolts.  The correct size bolts are being manufactured.

This is the nut and split pin that holds the draw bar in place.  Both ends have been removed, the rubber buffing pads checked and cleaned, prior to the draw gear being replaced.

Both brake cylinders and DA valves have been refurbished and re-fitted.

The front wooden nosing of both battery boxes have been replaced

This is a cradle which is being fabricated to hold a small generator.  This will be to power the equipment in the kitchen needed to satisfy current hygiene rules.