Saturday 29 December 2018

slow but steady progress, end of year update.

 Most of the work of late is largely hidden, wiring, pipe work etc.  There are a few large visible items, one of which is the bar which has progressed, the main bar and overhead glass rack have been fitted.

Behind the bar differing size shelves have been fitted along with a space for a bottle cooler.

Behind the glass rack showing a hinged panel to protect from any object falling out and the wiring for bar lights.

In the kitchen the lino has been laid onto the floor.  The edges have a protective coving fitted all round.

Inside the kitchen the outer wall has been panelled with plywood.

On the kitchen floor the new lino has been protected with plywood sheets whilst the internal work progresses.

The three emergency doors have had their frames repaired.  New outer skins have been made and fitted.  The two saloon doors are pictured here awaiting fitting.

The emergency door behind the bar has been fitted.

Another view from below the platform staging

The rear of this door has been panelled with plywood.  This and the bar area will be faced with oak.

Some more of the roof panels have been fitted along with extra insulation.

The electrical work is progressing.  This is the former staff toilet that is being fitted out as the electrical cubicle.  The picture is reversed as the only way I could get it all in was to use selfie mode.
(18.01.19 picture now correct, Bill did it for me)

On the sole bar the socket for the shore supply has been fitted.

With eight large batteries being fitted inside the battery boxes, to cut down on the number of wires criss-crossing the area, a system of buss bars have been fitted.  The batteries will be two at the bottom and two on the top in each box.  This will require a support shelf to be made before they can be fitted.

A switch box has been fitted in the line to protect the generator when first powering up.  This needs a support bracket to be made and fitted.

The gas pipe and conduit along the sole bar below the kitchen.