Monday, 12 January 2015

Two down, three to go.

BR mark 1, SO number 4477 has been out shopped in Crimson and Cream livery.  It just needs the door handles refitting for completion.  Two down, just three more to go.

One coach that hasn't been mentioned much is the former Irish rail boiler van.  A small group work on this vehicle every now and again, in an attempt to get the boiler working.  They have fitted an external socket to supply electricity, therefore by-passing the on board generator.  The external underslung water tanks have also been found to have holes in them, the group are currently working towards fitting internal tanks.

One vehicle that rarely gets an outing is the suburban mark 1, CL.  Here it is being shunted to the carriage shed so that a tarpaulin could be fitted.  A number of coaches will have to return to Boat in the reorganisation to accommodate the catering set inside the storage shed.

Work continues on the former postal vehicle, mark 1, 25150, which is currently in the repair shed for painting.

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