Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Three Completed

Our utility (wash up vehicle) received an airing when it was brought out of the shed to swap places with kitchen car 4331.  This vehicle started life as a BSK No 25150, it is this number which we are using.  It will also have the legend "Pantry car" on the lower body, nearest the camera.

Another view taken from the other end.

Internally the repairs are going well, this is the new door panel, fitted and painted.

This is the floor and side wall repairs, now awaiting a coat of paint.

The side door again

And again from a different angle.

Kitchen car 4331 is now at the back of the shed and is being prepared for painting.

Ralph, pictured cleaning off the loose paint on the roof.

The last of the new arrivals at Aviemore, generator vehicle 35201 awaits its turn.

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