Monday, 19 January 2015

Three down, two to go (well almost)

Former postal sorting vehicle, which started life as a BSK, has been repainted and has had its original number applied.  It just needs the brush strips around the doors fitting, as well as the handles.

Another view taken from the other end.

The final view, taken from above.

Inside, a view of the south end, which is the washing up station.  This end contains two large water containers, two copper hot water tanks with emersion heaters, a water pump, a dishwasher, a glass washer and two sinks.

All is not well however, when we moved one of the metal storage cabinets at the north end.  Behind the cabinet we found a fungus like growth, the wooden floor and walls around it were soft and spongy.

All of this had to be cut out and removed, as below.

One of the centre doors also had a damaged internal panel, which had to be removed.

On the kitchen car, 4331, the gas system is being altered.  On arrival the system on board was two banks of four propane bottles, each with their own change over valves,  To view these valves you had to bend down and look underneath, if red was indicated, bottles 1 and 3 or bottles 2 and 4 had to be changed.  Very confusing and probably beyond our Guards.  Therefore we are changing the system to that which is used on the RU, keep it the same = less confusion.

The bottle cupboards are being refurbished with new pigtails and bottle securing system.

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