Monday, 18 November 2013

During the last week

Work continued on mark one TSO 5060

However we only had a skeleton staff on duty.
When splitting the buck eye coupling to separate 5060 from the next coach, see the end of the previous post, this skeleton was found hanging in the vestibule.  It was left over from the Halloween decorations, walking through the train in the dark and opening the vestibule door would have given you a big shock.
Richard battles with the steam heating pipework, there are three separate leaks in a ten foot section of the 1" pipe which are in need of attention. 
John wields the grease gun on the door hinges, we are carrying out the annual service whilst the coach is with us.
I stripped and repaired the lazy tongues in the north end door.  The picture was taken after I had removed the lazy tongues, replaced three rivets with bolts and then refitted them.  Then two wooden blocks were fitted to screw the window guides into, the left hand one is in place and awaiting the right hand one.  The internal panels were then replaced, together with new stop blocks for the bottom of the window slides.

Paul checked and topped up the batteries.
The buckeye couplings from both ends were removed and taken apart for cleaning before being put back together with fresh grease.  This is the south end coupling split into its component parts after cleaning, prior to being reassembled.

When Saturday comes....

Regular Saturday volunteers Steve and Alan set about painting the dogfish wagon into red oxide primer.
The other end or business end of the dogfish wagon, it had been out of use for some time with seized doors.  Bill Dodds set about sorting it out, got the doors working and gave it a service as well as patching some of the holes in the body.  Craig started painting it on Friday, followed by Steve and Alan Saturday (see above picture)
Finally for this week, many thanks are due to the Scotrail depot staff at Inverness.  They had finished with this welding machine and donated it to us.  It will be very useful to us as it is not just an arc welder, it also has a TIG facility.

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