Monday, 9 May 2016

May 2016 update

Following the photo charter on March 20th, mark 1 BSK 35069 came into the shed to be re-painted into the crimson and cream colour scheme.  The aim is that now the mark 2 BFK has taken its place in the service set, 35069 will be used in the dining set, providing some first class accomodation for that set.
The first picture shows Colin Boyd sanding off the old lettering, the task taking place outside the shed to avoid excessive dust.  The coach was then thoroughly washed afterwards.

Afterwards the coach was brought inside and rubbed down using wet and dry paper, again to avoid dust.

Next the roof has been painted, black stripes applied and the cream applied between the windows.

Next the ends have been undercoated and the crimson area's painted.

The lining and coach number have been applied.

The side has been finished off with the words "FIRST CLASS DINING CAR" applied in the centre.

All of the above pictures were supplied by Murray Duncan.

Internally the woodwork has been snded down and awaits a coat of varnish.  The parcels area which was very dull having been lined with varnished plywood, is now being painted in a bright cream colour.
 The parcels area pictured below, painted in undercoat.

The new ceiling area, which was renewed after the tank repair had been completed, has now been painted.

A fresh coat of paint on the heater covers.

The rubbed down corridor awaiting a coat of varnish.

The four passenger door interiors are being replaced, here a door is stripped awaiting the new panels.

The parcels end of the coach in the carriage repair shed.

The weed spraying wagon nears completion.  Here the extension booms are being tested for clearance.

The centre spray bar with the coupling protector in place.

Another view of the coupling protector plate.

The winch for operating the extension boom on that side.

The plinth under construction.

Plinth structure with the tool locker on the right.

The mixture container frame work in its position to mark out the plinth position.

Later in the month the door interiors were almost complete, just the bottom strip to finish, following which they will require varnishing.

The general view of the exterior at this point.

The weed killing wagon is also complete and is seen here being tested outside the shed.

The Royal Scotsman season has started with the train now being operated by GBRf.  This is the first visit on April 20th showing the newly repainted class 66 in Belmond Royal Scotsman colours.

The service train at Boat on 21st April with BR mark 1 RU 1928

BR mark 2 BFK 17101 is now the regular brake vehicle in the service set.

The 21st April also saw the first timetabled appearance of the Officer's Saloon. On certain dates in the timetable the saloon will be added to the train .  Customers can travel in this for a small supplement.

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