Thursday, 19 May 2016

35069 Out shopped

35069 was finally outshopped into bright sunshine and a clear blue sky.

First stop the turntable to turn the coach so that the compartment windows face the river and the former parcels area is at the South end of the dining train, to which it will now be attached.

The interior corridor with its polished floor and new coat of varnish on the woodwork.

The four passenger doors have new wooden interiors.

The former parcels area has been painted out in a cream colour and is much brighter now.

The Guards compartment also freshly painted.

The weed killing wagon has also been completed, here the long lens catches Tommy discussing the operation with Alan, John and John.

The next coach in for attention is mark one RU 1936.  This coach has been into the shed previously and is part way through its overhaul.  This coach suffered from a rotten floor in the kitchen area, this was replaced previously, the kitchen is currently an empty shell.

Anouncing a new blog = Whisky Shunters.

John Moyce has created a blog about the two distillery shunters that we have at Aviemore.  It can be found at

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