Sunday, 24 January 2016

The carriage shed is invaded by a steam engine.

Mark 1 TSO number 5057 was outshopped following its annual service session and clean up.

Before any more coaches could come into the shed we were invaded by a steam engine!  Well not so much invaded but with prior appointment.  Caledonian loco 828 has been suffering from a cracked horn guide on its centre driving axle.  This involved a lift to remove the axle which we decided could be done on the jacks in the carriage shed.

The engine positioned on the jacks.

Ready for lifting.

The leading driving axle is the first out.

Followed by the centre driving axle.

The centre axle boxes left behind on the floor.

Inspecting the cracked horn guide.

The leading axle being returned to its position, the plan being to lower it onto the front and rear axles in order for the engine to remain manouverable.

Another view.

828 being shunted out of the shed.

Propelling back into number 4 road of the engine shed.

Back to coaches next time.


  1. Let's hope for more steam loco invasions in future....

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