Monday, 4 January 2016

Mark 2 BFK 17101 returns

Mark 2 BFK 17101 having completed its Santa stint returns to the shed to be completed.  Here it poses for pictures outside, during the shunt.

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

And finally back inside the shed.  In its eight days in service it has accrued various faults;
The toilet cistern refuses to refill.
An external door managed to have its handle removed.  This involves stripping the internal panels off again to replace.
A fuse blew on the first weekend resulting in the batteries becoming flat.  When recharged the lights would not switch off.  Still to be investigated.
A compartment door has developed "flats" in its running gear.

If only you could wrap them in cotton wool!

Other shed residents are;

The weed killing wagon on which the plastic water tank and pump have been positioned.  This is to measure for the wooden plinth on which these items will stand.

Two carriage axles which are being cleaned and painted.

The wheels are destined to be inserted into bogie number 9.  This bogie will then be positioned under mark 1 TSO number 5057 which has bad flats.

Moving axles around Strathspey style.  If anything needs to be moved in or out of the shed, anything like coach axles have to be pushed outside and usually down number 4 road which is the easiest.

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