Friday, 15 August 2014

News 14.08.2014

More progress on mark 2 number 17101

This is the luggage van end, where Richard can be seen welding the right hand end panel into place.

  At the toilet end the door hinge rails, door steering track and the doors themselves have been fitted.

Looking up to the door steering track, this hides the amount of work that has gone into this track, it consists of 10 separate pieces.

Back to the luggage end and the floor steel work repairs have been completed.

A wider view of the floor steelwork.

Two of the compartments are coming back together, floor woodwork in place, side panelling in place as well as the hot air ducting and seat frames.

Another picture of the progress in one of the compartments.

One feature of the repair on this coach is that we take two steps forward and then one backwards.  This is the toilet floor after the woodwork has been removed, the steel work below the window is rotten, as is the hardwood support that the toilet walls sit on.

This is our first class LMS design sleeper, built under BR in 1951.  It was recorded at Boat of Garten in 1973, click on this link to view in this picture it is immaculate, today it is a wreck.  This journey from Boat to Aviemore may well be the first run along the line that it has made since then.

Realistically we have neither the time or resources to restore this coach, even if we did it is of no use to us as a non revenue earning vehicle, therefore we have made a decision to move vehicles in this category on.
It has come to the shed to be wrapped in a black plastic cling film, this is to prepare it for its journey to its new home. 
If any member reading this has any property in any of the three sleepers, please remove before the 27th August as all three will be leaving the railway.

The sleeper now inside the shed and lifted on the jacks.  The plan is to wrap the cling film like plastic completely around the coach.  Richard is cutting the bolts to remove the wooden step, this will allow the plastic to pierce the steel legs and move close up to the underside of the coach.

The six wheel bogie from underneath the sleeper, this has been removed to make it easier to wrap the plastic around the body.

On both bogies, after the weight of the coach had been removed, the centre wheels have lifted off the rails.  This is not by design, its just that the axle cannot lower whilst the brake rigging is still in place.


  1. Interesting! Although as at least one of those coaches that is being moved is privately owned have you asked the owners if it is ok to move them?
    Answer: NO!!!!!!
    Questions will be asked.....

    1. If you are claiming ownership of these vehicles, there is a very big liability that comes with them. I suggest that you email me at to discuss.

  2. So the Strathspey railway have decided that the owners don't want that liability and are moving them without recourse?
    I bought a compartment in the Gresley coach in 1983. This is the coach I am referring too.
    An email has been sent to the company secretary, I will forward that email to yourself too.