Saturday, 5 July 2014

July 2014

Whilst the Gresley sleeper was with us recently, for a change of axles, part of the process involved the removal of the centre bolsters from the two spare bogies.  These were later dismantled as part of the bogie overhaul, the six main pieces were then subjected to shot blasting and then painted with red oxide.  This picture shows the completed parts, which we have placed on our recently completed wagon for ease of movement around the shed and yard.

Work continues on mark 2 BFK 17101, the fibre glass end cap at the luggage end has been removed.

At the other end the corridor connection face plate has been re-fitted

The rubber diaphragm was then fitted.  This involves it being turned into a "u" shape and fixed into place with steel mouldings.

Two pictures taken whilst standing on the corridor connection, looking up into each corner.

The picture below has been taken from the outside, it shows how the rubber rolls around, forming the "U" shape.  As the face plate moves in and out, the rubber moves with it.

The whole process was very tedious, there being some 120, 6mm bolts to fit.  The original diaphragm must have been tapered as the diameter of the edge that fits to the coach body, is some 10" larger than the edge that fits to the face plate.  This inevitably causes folds in the rubber, which has been very difficult to keep them to a minimum.

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