Friday, 27 June 2014

This weeks news

Mark 2 BFK 17101

Work continues on the re-building of the toilet end and the stripping down of the parcel area end.  On Wednesday 25th the coach was taken to the turntable, turned around and returned to the shed.  This was to make it easier to work on the parcel end which is proving to be far worse than the toilet end was.

Fitting the rubber diaphragm to the coach end,  The hydraulic ram has been used to press home the steel angle capping piece.

The other end continues to be stripped down

All of the panels have now been removed.

The floor at this end is in a dire condition.

More views of the parcel end of the brake.

These are the pieces of the top vestibule door runners, all awaiting attention.

Richard attempting to remove the fixings that hold the fibre glass end capping in place.

Mark 1 BSK 34676 was brought out of the shed and "aired"

 This vehicle will have to be used for the second train brake on the "Peppa pig" special days.  Mechanically it is in good condition, body wise it can be described as tatty.
No pictures but.... Mark 1 RU 1928 was shunted out of the shed last Tuesday 24th and brought to the shed.  It has been reported as smelling of gas recently, this coincided with the gas changing from one bank of bottles to the other.  We think that the problem lies with the change over valve, so this was replaced.  Whilst it was in the shed it received a new set of brake blocks, attention to one of the taps that has been leaking and a door internal lower step that had fallen off was replaced.

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