Sunday, 4 May 2014

The latest news

Work on mark 2 BFK number 17101 continues, albeit somewhat slowly.
This picture shows the left hand end panel in place.
This is the right hand panel in its mark out and cut stage on the floor.  battery boxes make an impromptu bench.
Later in the week the right hand panel had been fitted.
This is the latest picture on 03.04.2014, detail plate and lamp brackets all fitted.  The next stage is to get the fibre glass dome repaired and re-fitted, the repairs to this have been started.
The window repairs are underway, this is a brand new sliding window which we found amongst our spares.
The toilet window being stripped for a replacement glass.  This was a case of shooting ourselves in the foot, all it needed was resealing, however when moving the staging it fell over and smashed the glass.
An emergency repair arrived in the form of the p-way department tool van.  The wind had apparently blown the door open, however I think a passing road railer had a big hand in it.

The lock still in place but the rail it was attached to splintered.

The repair looks like a door but isn't, Georgie asked for it to be fixed in place to give more room inside for racking.

The finished panel.
The rest of the vehicle is in a very poor condition, however this will have to wait for the future as the wagon is urgently needed back at the bridge.
The other wagon that is with us at present has had the capping angle fitted on both sides, along with the outside choc rail.

New support brackets have been made for the choc rail angle.

Both having been painted in red oxide primer.

The chassis in the fresh air outside receiving a coat of red oxide primer.
The wagon plates after cleaning

The other plate.
Not C&W but next door in the engine shed.  828 sports a natty line in curtains.

The boiler with its drapes.
The lads have been busy trying to get 828 back in service, part of which was to clean and polish it.  The covers are to protect it from any dirt.

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