Friday, 16 May 2014

A variety of tasks but some progress

BR Mark 2 BFK 17101 has progressed but still throws up surprises
Another compartment has had to have plate work carried out on the window frame.
The small windows have been re-fitted, we have used a compound that is used for sealing car windscreens.  This was applied to the frame before the window was offered up and fixed using closed end rivets.  The excess was cleaned off when cured and then the rivet heads covered with filler to bring the frame level.
The guards in swinging door steps have needed cutting out to enable repairs to the metal work.
This is the guards door step on the other side.
The fibre glass end cap has been receiving attention.

The original holes have been filled.  The broken edge has been extended using fibre glass resin and matting on a template.

Another view of the extension piece, these have been added to tidy up the edge and provide a bigger surface to seal to the steel bodywork.
The coach with the end cap fitted in place.  At the moment we are trying to source a new rubber diaphragm for the corridor connection.  The conversation goes like this, "Have you got a diaphragm for a mark 2 coach?  reply; do you have a catalogue number?  no can you supply us with a catalogue?  we don't supply catalogues but without the catalogue number we can't help you.  frustrating or what. 
Steve working on wagon 46334
Which has finally been completed

Another view, this wagon will be used to transport bogie frames around the site and will remain as a flat deck.
Another diverse job was to make two buffer packing plates for 828

A tender floor was also constructed for Caley 828, the fitting staff having destroyed the original taking it out.
828 looking resplendent in the yard, she has been lit up for a steam test on 15.05.14
A one stage this week the yard looked like a diesel depot, with classes 08, 26, 27 and a pair of 37's on shed.  Shortly before the picture was taken there was a 47 on shed as well.
Also joining us is the dogfish that we recently worked on.  The outer door repairs haven't been successful and now need modification.
We entertained the new crane for a few days last week, Ray and Colin doing some painting on it.

More diverse work, this time Richard welding a patch into one of the engine room doors belonging to the class 31 diesel.
Gresley sleeper 1211 is at Aviemore for attention to the bogies.

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