Saturday, 1 March 2014

Work progresses on 4477 and 17101

BR Mark 1 SO 4477 (The Dining car)
Progress continues with the non toilet end vestibule floor replacement.
The corridor connection floor plate is back in place.

 The end panels have been cut 7" from the floor, firstly to provide a reasonably straight cut line to but the new panel against and secondly to allow room to fit battens (right of picture) to take the panels.

The new panels in position

The metal hoop patched up.

4477 has been pulled out of the shed in order to fill the water tanks and test for leaks

4477 with a big shine on the side in the sunlight.
The lady responsible for the shine, Kathleen sits waiting patiently for us to finish filling the tank, before she can continue the polishing.  Kathleen also single handed, vacuumed the seats and shampooed half of them. Very camera shy, this is the nearest I could get.
The vestibule interior

The repair panel with a moulding covering the joint

The radiator which has been shot blasted, painted and re-fitted

 Another interior view, awaiting the lino which is on order.
The new battery box door before fitting

 Now fitted in place
The new ceiling panels, on the bench in white undercoat.

Ceiling panels now fitted in place and painted with a coat of gloss.  This is the second attempt, I won't mention names and embarrass anyone but, the first attempt put a screw straight through the newly repaired water pipe.
Wagon 742058 being out shopped following floor and side board repairs.

Steve driving the 08, shunting the wagon.

BR Mark 2 BFK

The vestibule face plate having been cleaned up.  It will now have steel plates welded to the far side in place of the Ferodo rubbing plates.  Ferodo is now very expensive, we had been quoted many hundreds of pounds just for one sheet.  This material was fitted by BR half way along the mark 1 production to eliminate squealing when the face plate rubbed with its neighbour at high speed.  This isn't relevant for our railway and so the cheaper steel plate option.

The end structure with the horizontal supports in place

Floor repairs, the angle irons replace the corroded corrugation and will carry the new floor ply wood.

Main pillar repairs

More floor repair views

The fibre glass end cap, some work has been carried out revealing a coat of BR corporate Blue paint.

Roof drip mould repaired and replaced, now awaits the sealing solution cleaning up and a coat of paint.
This is a compartment with the plywood floor removed, this reveals the steel corrugation underneath.

Compartment roof panels replaced

This and the picture below show the head scratching that takes place when you look up into the tangle of wires and pipes in the roof space.

Looking up through the open space left where the fibre glass dome fits.

Looking down onto the floor repairs

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