Saturday, 22 February 2014

The pendulum swings, some progress at last

After what seems like weeks of dismantling, we have turned the corner and have started to put new bits on to both our patients.
BR Mark 1 SO 4477 vestibule floor

These are the oak floor supports, painted ready to fit.  I had intended to take a picture after each piece had been inserted, however excitement must have got the better of me because it was all in place when I remembered to take the next picture.
The supports in place together with the plywood floor panel
The new door threshold piece, sitting flat on the repaired chassis rail.
Looking down at the corridor connection
The shot blasted and painted radiator, ready to be re-fitted
The underside of the water tank
4477 has been suffering from a water leak from the roof tank.  This only showed itself when the tank was more than half full, so we kept the tank in use and tried not to fill it too much.  This proved to be a mistake as when we took the roof panels down, it had been leaking constantly, slowly increasing as the tank filled.  The small leak when there was a small amount in the tank was absorbed into the roof, when the tank filled, the leak increased until the water poured out of the light fitting.
The leak was coming from one of the small hose connections, which are just visible in the picture.  Because we left the tank in use, it has destroyed the roof panels which now need replacing.  The leak itself is fairly easy to fix, just a new hose and clip.
A slight diversion, new gauge backing discs for loco 46512
BR Mark 2 BFK 17101

The roof with the fibre glass cap removed.

The right hand side of the roof with some plate work repairs

The left hand side with repaired platework

New strengthening supports welded in place

The end with horizontal supports in place

The removed fibre glass roof cap, awaiting repairs

More views of new horizontal supports.

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