Tuesday, 28 January 2014

28.01.2014 the latest news

 After an aborted attempt to lift the faceplate off, using the block and tackle on the gantry, we resorted to using the fork lift truck to take it off.  Juliano has just been undoing the ropes holding the top of the plate in place.
The last piece to be undone before the lift, Juliano cutting through the safety chain with an angle grinder, the bolts being totally corroded and refusing to budge.

The corridor plate on the floor, it now awaits someone to remove the rubber seal, clean up the plate and sand it down using a flap disc.

This is door number 5 from mark 1 TSO 4777, whilst the vehicle was in for service we noticed the piping around the door was getting very tatty and so replaced it. (the thin black line around the door)
The door is a replacement from an electric unit, perhaps one day we can return the interior to the varnished wood that it should be.

A close up of the door piping.

More views of 17101, the aluminium capping around the frame has now been removed.

The left hand corner - more holes.

This is the voltage inverter, 24 volts to 160 volts.  All of the fluorescent tubes work on a higher voltage supplied by this unit and it isn't working.  It has been removed, however at this stage we have no idea what we are going to do about it.

Some better news, this door has had all of its interior panels replaced with new mahogany, this has then had a coat of clear varnish.
Wagon 742058 is progressing, here Bill and Steve are fitting the new drop side.
The floor has been completely renewed, here the choc rail capping's have been fitted.

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