Wednesday, 22 January 2014

17101 The dismantling continues

Trying to remove the corridor connection, we have decided that the only course of action open to us is to remove the corridor connection and the roof dome.  This will enable us to re-new the end panels completely.

More views of the corroded end panel

The vestibule with the interior roof panel removed.
Supporting the corridor connection whilst trying to remove the bolts.

Mission impossible.  On a mark one the water tank lowers down between the toilets.  This view of the tank on a mark 2 shows the metal channel support holding the tank up.  Directly underneath is the toilet, so how on earth do you remove this tank.

More views of the rotten end panel

This is the roof corner, the holes bottom left are where the water from the gutter enters the internal drain pipe.  The dark bandage is a previous attempt to stop water entering.  Just to the right of it is a hole which has rotted through.  The only solution... take the lot off!
The servicing of the fleet continues, 4777 is seen here taking its turn.
"Sole" wagon having its floor renewed, a space has been pinched for it inside the engine shed.
 Another view of the wagon repairs.
Findlay working on 5228, trying to remove the door panel to repair the lazy tongues.

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