Monday, 2 December 2013

Another busy week

The activities this past week have been concentrated on the repairs to BR mark one TSO number 5057 and continuing to paint the dogfish wagon.

Richard continued to connect the toilet radiator pipework, all that can be seen of him are his legs and spanner in hand.

One of the toilet radiators, the holes for the pipes had to be created and the wooden battens which hold the skirting rail, had to be shortened.
The pipe work from underneath.  The diagonal pipework already existed and is for the corridor radiator.  Two tee pieces were inserted and feed the radiators via the horizontal pipe furthest from the camera.
Regular Tuesday volunteers, Helen and Jamie, carry out some internal cleaning on 5057.
John carried on with the painting of the dogfish wagon.
By the end of the week, the dogfish painting was well advanced.
The new door pillar insert in place.  This gave us tremendous trouble, whilst on the slave bogie the door shut perfectly.  However when lowered on to its own bogie the body must have twisted slightly as the door would no longer close.  This resulted in a lot of sanding and adjusting.
Just back from the upholsterers, a seat cushion for 5057 and a side trim for 5060.  We would give anything for a volunteer with upholstering capability.
5057 up in the air during the lift to replace its own bogie.
Juliano spent a few days shot blasting and painting these springs.  They are for the commonwealth bogie that we have stripped down for overhaul.

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