Thursday, 21 February 2019

Update 21.02.2019

Work has continued on mark 1 TSO 5057.  The floor was lined with 4mm ply and the Marmoleum (lino) has been laid.

A new set of mouldings have been prepared for the window surrounds.

A few of the windows have had the moulding fitted, this will have wood dye and varnish applied.  The seats which have returned from the upholsterer and can be seen through the window awaiting their turn at being fitted.

One of the skirt panel joints was cracking badly owing to rust underneath.  The filler has been cut back and rust preventative applied.

On RU 1936 a few jobs have been completed.  This is the curved vestibule door from the saloon end.  The exterior side has been rubbed down, painted with primer, undercoat and is seen here in top coat.

The battery boxes have had new doors made.

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