Monday, 5 November 2018

Latest news, water tank work

Apart from a broken window on mark 1, TSO 5057, work has concentrated on the water tanks from RU, 1936.
The tanks were removed for two reasons.  firstly the cladding surrounding the tanks was corroding and the insulation was leaking out.  Secondly the interior had debris inside which looked like rust particles, the composition of the tanks had to be checked to find the source.

The insulation material was tested and found to not contain anything nasty, so we proceeded to remove this.  Pictured below are the cleaned up tanks, which are of a copper construction.

The rust was found to have come from the filler pipes.  Two mild steel collars had been fitted which had rusted, these are being replaced by brass fittings.
The tanks were covered with insulation about 12mm thick.  This was then covered with a galvanised steel sheet, banded to keep it in place.  The ends were created by cutting the ends off two 45 gallon drums, which fitted perfectly.
The two tanks with completed insulation and cladding.

The tanks were given a coat of primer and gloss paint, before being refitted.  The inspection hatches have been refitted using new gaskets.

We also played host to the tender tank for 5025, which was being painted with primer after being shot blasted.  Here Murray Duncan is wielding the paint brush.

The completed tank.

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