Monday, 6 July 2015

Update 06th July 2015

Mark 2 BFK 17101

Work continues to progress on this vehicle.  Earlier this week, following delivery of a new box of the black sticky stuff (Simpson ISR 70-03 and this batch is white) the last remaining window has been fitted.

The fibre glass dome from the luggage end of the vehicle has been finished and was duly fitted in place.

The next job was the fitting of the capping pieces along the edge of the doorway, below.

The two remaining untouched compartments have been stripped out, resulting in a large pile of headrests etc, ready to go to the upholsterer.  Under a sheet for protection.

Other items that have been cleaned and painted are the heater ducting and grills.

The Weed killing wagon has progressed a little.  The angles to form the steps have been fitted, as have the posts for the handrails.

The capping pieces for the side board surrounds have been cut and folded.

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