Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Painting 4777

The painting of TSO 4777 continues, here the cream has been completed and the grey undercoat applied.

The end of the vehicle after rubbing down.

Dave rubbing down the end panel.

Dave again, applying some paint.

The finished vehicle, minus the lettering and numbers, being shunted over to the storage shed.

An end view of the finished vehicle.

Safely stored inside number 7 road.

The next vehicle in for the painting treatment is SO 4477, seen here being shunted into the repair shed for rubbing down.

Kitchen car, converted TSO 4331 and utilities vehicle, former postal vehicle 80433, originally 25150, are seen in the yard at Aviemore during the shunt.


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  1. 4777 looks great! I can't wait to see 4477 and the rest of the set in the new livery. I had long hoped that SR might paint one set in red and cream, and what a good idea that it should be the restaurant train. It really makes an impression that it is something special, which it is. Looking forward to seeing these in action, and taking a trip of course! Thanks for your hard work in making it happen!