Monday, 27 October 2014

A Change of Direction

17101 has now been put to one side in the storage shed whilst we get on with our winter program.  We expect 17101 to be resumed around next April.

We have purchased three vehicles which formed the kitchen, service and power supply of the Elegant excursions dining train on the Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway.  The first of these to arrive is a TSO, 4331, which has been converted into a kitchen car, and is pictured here inside the shed.

The intention is to add two of our seating vehicles to make a dedicated five car dining set, with the capacity to cater for larger parties.

To make the set stand out as obviously different, we are going to paint it in Crimson and Cream.

In the kitchen, Henry has been getting behind the cookers and work tops, to clean out the inevitable grease build up.

The cookers moved forward to reveal the pipe work.

There are a few repairs to do before the repaint can take place.  One is the usual build up of rust underneath the door entrance, which will require the vestibule floor to be replaced.

The steam heat hasn't been used for years, which we will require to be working.  When tested we found a number of leaks, one excessive one is pictured below.

Another picture of the same.  This is just behind the buffer beam and is on the ninety degree bend.

One reason for the excessive corrosion at this point might be this strange repair.  The pipe with the slot in it below is the soil discharge pipe from the toilet.   The slot has been cut out to fit it around the steam heat pipe, this means that the discharge from the toilet would be constantly soaking the pipe.

As we have five vehicles to repaint, we have decided to move the jacks, this will allow an uninterrupted run of staging all the way along the vehicle at the back of the shed.  Here seen standing like silent sentries along the side of the shed.

TSO number 4777 being rubbed down in preparation for painting.

One job carried out on 4777 is the replacement of all of the door hinge ball and pin sets, one of which is pictured below.

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